Teachers for EFA in Africa

Nairobi, Kenya, 19-20 January 2011, "Teachers for EFA in Africa: Collaborative Action to Address the Teacher Gap"

The International Conference on Teachers for EFA in Africa brought together well over 120 education specialists from over 20 countries and 30 institutions working in the field of education.

Kenya Conference 2011

The focus of the conference was on the lack of sufficient numbers of teachers to achieve the EFA goals by 2015 in some countries; the need for education quality through qualified and committed teachers who have a voice through their professional associations. The financial gap and the need to secure a sufficient budget to employ enough qualified teachers were also issues raised – in the view of financial constraints and crisis.

The conference included plenary presentations and open floor discussions as well as parallel sessions to provide a forum for exchange on specific topics which were the following:

  1. identified needs in the context of the teacher shortage for EFA;
  2. the cost and financing problems involved;
  3. required strategies to improve availability of competent and motivated teachers;
  4. experiences in the use of assistant and non-civil servant teachers;
  5. teacher provision and gender;
  6. educators for early childhood care and development, and 
  7. the development of partnerships and collaborative action to address the shortage of teachers for EFA.

The conference was concluded by the formulation of commonly agreed recommendations and arrangements for the monitoring of the conference outcomes that were presented at the 10th EFA High level group Meeting in March 2011.

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