Research and studies

Research and studies

May 28 th, 2013.
Teacher Attrition In Sub Saharan Africa Capture  

To facilitate access to research findings and analytical work to inform policies and practicies on teachers, the Task Force acts as a hub that collects, exchanges and disseminates knowledge and information on teacher policies aiming to improve quality Education for All (EFA)

The Task Force reviews and/or undertakes research studies, policy-relevant analytical work and data collection on selected salient teacher issues and disseminates among decision-makers and stakeholders. It also complies researche results from relevant organisations and partners.

The Task Force Strategic plan (second phase of action: 2014-2016) targets 6 themes that have bearing on the quality and quantity of the teaching force. The selected themes have emerged from the broad consultation that took place during the first phase of the Task Force activities, which ensures the continuity of vision and focus.

 research            research             research
Teacher education and professional development  
Teachers’ status and working conditions

  Teacher management

 research             research     research

Financing teachers and teaching

  Monitoring and evaluation of teacher policies and practices   Inclusion in teacher policies and practices            

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