Research and studies

Research and studies

August 13 th, 2019.

The prominence of teachers in the SDG4-Education 2030 framework reinforces the need for sound knowledge about the situation of teachers. Detailed and regular monitoring of the progress of countries relating to teachers will be needed, now more than ever before, and should go hand in hand with bridging knowledge gaps on teachers and teaching.

TTF knowledge creation will aim at filling knowledge gaps with a number of studies and research on topics such as teacher education, teaching and learning, financing teaching, professional standards, teacher governance and management, teacher autonomy and accountability, working conditions and teacher development.

The TTF will build on its expertise and network of partners to continue providing such knowledge and experience sharing and will play a supporting role in the monitoring of SDG target 4.c.


Thematic groups
Thematic groups are a working modality established to share knowledge and ideas as well as advance technical work on particular topics.

They foster discussion among members, encourage collaboration and facilitate national, regional and international activities to which group members can contribute. The potential topics of interest are not restricted.

Four groups are currently being piloted:

Thematic groups

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