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The policy dialogue fora that the Task Force organizes are NOT ends in themselves. They are “battery-charging” pauses we offer decision-makers and practitioners, enabling them to break away from routine work to refresh knowledge, expertise and motivation for more innovative and evidence-based policy formulation, implementation and evaluation.

The fora are a process that continues beyond the few days of the gathering. This process continues and  will NEVER end until - through concerted follow-up actions - teacher policies and practices are revised and implemented, and ALL learners have access to well prepared, justly remunerated, duly respected and highly committed teachers!

During its first phase the task Force held 5 such international fora:

  • 5th Policy Dialogue Forum, Windhoek, Namibia, 28-29 November 2012 : "Three Years of Global Partnership to Address the Teacher Challenge, Three Years from the 2015 EFA Benchmark: Achievements and Perspectives"
  • 4th Policy Dialogue Forum, New Delhi, India, 29-30 May 2012 : "Teacher Challenges for EFA in India"
  • 3rd Policy Dialogue Forum, Bali, Indonesia, 13-15 September 2011 : "Ensuring Equity in Country Policies and Practices for Providing Quality Teachers toward Achieving the EFA Goals by 2015"
  • 2nd Policy Dialogue Forum, Amman, Jordan, 6-7 July 2010 : "Providing teachers for EFA: quality matters"
  • 1st Policy Dialogue Forum, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 22-23 February 2010 : "Teachers, the financial crisis, and the EFA challenge of reaching the marginalized"

Relevant documents and presentations of each Policy Dialogue Forum are available on our Website.

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