International policy dialogue fora

International policy dialogue fora

The Policy Dialogue Forum (PDF) aims at raising awareness among members and partners of the TTF on crucial issues for the implementation of the Teacher Target in SDG 4 and Education 2030 agenda. The PDF seeks to have impact on country policies, reflections and debates.

Organized annually to keep a strong connection between the members, it promotes participatory approaches, dialogue and exchange of experiences in evidence-based teacher policy formulation and implementation.

The PDF offers a unique opportunity to address the efforts of the Teacher Task Force members to approach teacher-related matters in different regions and socioeconomic contexts. By revisiting teacher issues and sharing experiences, the PDF fosters a collaboration that is more effective, communication and resource mobilization towards the achievement of the Teacher Target of the SDG 4 among TTF members.

The Policy Dialogue Forum is one of the three flagship activities highlighted in the 2018-2021 Strategic Plan.

This year, the 12th edition of the PDF will be held in Dubai, UAE from 8-12 December.

The Teacher Task Force has organized the following international fora:

12-PDF-logo-pageweb   2019 Dec, United Arab Emirates, Dubai

« The Futures of Teaching »
11-PDF-logo-v2   2018 Nov, Jamaica, Montego Bay

« Strengthening Teacher Education: A prerequisite for quality teaching, training and learning »
logo-10PDF-color-ENx500   2017 Sept, Togo, Lomé

« Teaching: A Profession »
logo-9PDF-color-EN   2016 Dec, Cambodia, Siem Reap

« Motivating teachers, what do we know and what do we need to achieve Education 2030 Agenda?»
8PDF logo   2016 March, Mexico, Mexico city

"Implementing the Teacher Target in the Sustainable Development Goal and Education 2030

2014 Dec, Rabat, Morocco

"Teachers in Post-2015 International Education Agenda:
What policies, practices and tools for teacher-related target?"

6th policy dialogue  

2013 Nov, Kinsasha, DRC

"The Management of Teacher Education 
- Trends in Policies and Practice: What works, why and for whom?"

International Policy Dialogue Forum Namibia


2012 Nov, Windhoek, Namibia

"Three Years of Global Partnership to Address the Teacher Challenge, Three Years from the 2015 EFA Benchmark: 
Achievements and Perspectives"

4th policy dialogue  

2012 May, New Delhi, India

"Teacher Challenges for EFA in India"  

3rd policy dialogue  

2011 Sept, Bali, Indonesia

"Ensuring Equity in Country Policies and Practices for Providing Quality Teachers toward Achieving the EFA Goals by 2015"


2010 July, Amman, Jordan

"Providing teachers for EFA: Quality matters"


2010 Feb, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

"Teachers, the financial crisis and the EFA challenge of reaching the marginalized"

 Relevant documents and presentations of each Policy Dialogue Forum are available on our Website.

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