Policy dialogue and knowledge sharing

Policy dialogue and knowledge sharing

May 28 th, 2013.
To organize dissemination and exchange of information and evidence on teacher-related policies and
practices, the task force organizes policy dialogue forums, regional forums and expert meetings 
around identified pressing teacher issues. 
International policy dialogue fora convenes decision-makers, practitioners, researchers and teachers
to discuss on salient teacher issues and promising practicesThrough international policy dialogue fora, 
the Task Force actively promotes participatory approaches, dialogue and exchange of experiences in
evidence-based teacher policy formulation and implementation.

Regional fora assembles stakeholders from the same region to discuss identified issues from the
perspective of their specific contexts. 

Expert meetings is organized to develop a deeper understanding of specific themes related to teachers
and teaching. The Task Force invites high profile specialists to the expert meetings and disseminates
results of the meetings to constitute the basis for policy and improvement of practice. 
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