Holistic analysis of teachers situation in Mozambique
Mozambique launched a holistic analysis of teachers situation that intends to examine the current needs of teachers, teacher training, and the management of teachers and educational institutions. This comprehensive diagnosis will analyze how the Mozambican education system frames a whole series of issues concerning teachers - from their education to their recruitment, deployment, working conditions as well as the social and professional context in which they operate. The end goal is to take measures to address the challenges to be identified.

The Minister of Education has established various teams to run the process: a technical team to undertake the data collection, analysis and reporting; a scientific team to monitor quality, and a political team to provide leadership and endorse the outcomes. Technical expertise is provided by the International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP, Buenos Aires), the Task Force Secretariat and IICBA. ADEA and the Commonwealth Secretariat have positioned themselves to join and support the validation of the diagnostic report expected in September 2013 and help address the recommendations for the national teacher policy development process.

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