World teachers' day

World teachers' day

World Teachers’ Day (WTD) is celebrated every year on 5th October since 1994 – when it was created by UNESCO to honour the adoption of the ILO/UNESCO Recommendations concerning Teaching Personnel in 1966. It aims to mobilise support for teachers, and to ensure that the needs of future generations will continue to be met by teachers. Each year, partners including UNESCO, ILO, UNDP and UNICEF issue messages to honour teachers and draw international attention to the important role of teachers. Education International (EI), the largest global teacher organization, is the key partner in promoting the event.

World Teachers’ Day 2015

WTD 2015-FrEvents at UNESCO HQ
This year, the Day comes just after the adoption of the new Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations' General Assembly and represents the first opportunity to set out a roadmap for teachers in the new Education 2030 agenda. The event at UNESCO HQ, Paris, took place on on October 5 highlighting the importance of empowering teachers to achieve inclusive and sustainable global development and will focus on early childhood education teachers. "Empowering teachers, building sustainable societies" was the World Teachers' Day 2015 slogan.

What can I do?
From the below website, you can register your celebration and share your plans/results with others who may wish to participate or promote your event. You can also see the latest figures on teachers and infographics and the clip. To see the official WTD map and more information please visit:

World Teachers’ Day 2014

WTD2014Events at UNESCO HQ
A two day event at UNESCO HQ in Paris will take place on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th with workshops on teachers' professional development and working conditions. In recalling the commitments made by the international community in 1966, UNESCO and its partners EI, ILO, UNDP, UNICEF and the International Task Force on Teachers for Education for All are collaborating to convene numerous meetings around the world including an open forum at UNESCO House. The open forum aims to provide as much discussion between speakers and participants as possible, allowing for the sharing of experiences and know-how. The forum will include four parallel workshops.

What can I

This year, for the 20th anniversary of the World Teachers’ Day, you are invited to participate in an online discussion forum on the topic of teachers’ professional development and working conditionsContributions and recommendations collected from this online forum will be resumed and used in the workshops of the World Teachers' Day celebrations, October 6-7, 2014 at UNESCO House and will contribute to achieve the objectives of the celebration. For more information, please visit

World Teachers’ Day 2013

WTD2013Events at UNESCO HQ
A whole day event at UNESCO HQ in Paris will take place on Friday 4th October 2013 will panels, a forum, keynote addresses and an exhibition of the various actors working for a sufficient number of qualified and motivated teachers everywhere. Our partner Education International will also launch their Global Year of Action - Unite for Education.

What can I do?
Partners all over the worlds celebrate and organize events for WTD. You can contact UNESCO ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) to find out who may be organizing an event near you or organize your own local event. You can also visit

World Teachers’ Day 2012
World Teacher Day 2012

As the first international alliance of education partners with a focus on teachers, the Task Force took the opportunity of the WTD 2012 to introduce a Database which identifies development partners’ interventions on teachers around the world. This Database project is supported by the European Commission, one of the major sponsors of the Task Force.

The Database aims at mapping out areas of focus and identifying gaps for future interventions and better coordination. Meant to be a dynamic tool accessible by decision makers, researchers, donors and practitioners from beneficiary countries, the database could be updated by these stakeholders on the Task Force website.

World Teachers’ Day 2011

The TASK FORCE contributed to discussions around advocacy activities for the World Teachers’ Day in 2011, the drafting of the World Teachers’ Day message as well as the organisation of an exhibition to share documents, videos and publications of the Secretariat and TASK FORCE members.

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