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"Everybody calls me Carlitos, a short name I answer to since before I went blind at 5 years old," explains Carlos Noguiera, from the Sofala province in Mozambique. "I was happy and innocent, until I got sick with measles and eye pain. The wrong appliance of a medication left me completely blind. Life became very difficult for me, I felt discriminated against and getting to school and study was really hard."

His colleague, Castigo Jones, is slightly more optimistic. "Even if my first name in Portuguese means "punishment," I don't consider my condition as a punishment for anything. I was one year old when I was sick with measles and conjunctivitis and became partly blind since then."

Taking part in the 2014 Global Action Week campaign (4-10 May) on the theme Education and Disability, the International Task Force on Teachers for EFA in collaboration with Humana People to People promotes the contribution of visually impaired teachers in their communities.

In Mozambique, it is estimated 1.2 million people or 7 % of the total population live with a moderate to severe disability such as blindness. In order to achieve Universal Primary Education, the country includes education of disabled children and disabled teachers.

Education and Disability: "Equal Right, Equal Opportunity"
4-10 May 2014

This annual awareness-raising campaign is organized by the Global Campaign for Education (GCE). This year, the campaign will focus on the theme of "Education and Disability" under the slogan "Equal Right, Equal Opportunity". This event will highlight the profound challenges faced by persons with disabilities in realizing their right to education.

Created and led by the Global Campaign for Education (GCE), Global Action Week is an annual event organized to raise awareness of the importance of Education for All. Under the slogan “Every Child Needs a Teacher” the 2013 Global Action Week focused on the crucial role of Teachers to achieve EFA. This year, both the United Nations Secretary-General and the UNESCO Director-General have added their voices to GCE's for its new campaign film, launched on Monday 22 April.

This worldwide annual campaign was a great success and many actions were conducted in more than 120 countries worldwide. Here is some feedback we received from our focal points:

Global Action Week is a worldwide annual campaign organized by the Global Campaign for Education (GCE) to raise awareness of the importance of Education for All (EFA).

Since 2003, each year the campaign highlights one area of the EFA agenda with support of numbers of education campaigners and millions of members of the public worldwide to make targeted efforts and achieve changes.

Global Action Week 2013 has focused on the crucial role of Teachers u
nder the slogan "Every Child Needs a Teacher".

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 "Equal Right, Equal Oppourtnity"
Education and Disability
Global Action Week 2014
 "Every child needs a teacher"
Global Action Week 2013
 "Right From the Start"
Global Action Week 2014
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