Training Teachers with disabilities to achieve UPE in Mozambique

Training Teachers with disabilities to achieve UPE in Mozambique

May 02 nd, 2014.

Taking part in the 2014 Global Action Week campaign (4-10 May) on the theme Education and Disability, the International Task Force on Teachers for EFA in collaboration with Humana People to People promotes the contribution of visually impaired teachers in their communities.

In Mozambique, it is estimated 1.2 million people or 7 % of the total population live with a moderate to severe disability such as blindness. In order to achieve Universal Primary Education, the country includes education of disabled children and disabled teachers.

The Teacher Training College in Nhamatanda in the province of Sofala provides training for blind students and contributes to their deployment in rural areas as primary teacher.

This program implemented) with the financial support from Light for the World, is exclusively for student teachers with visual impairments. In collaboration with the local blind school, interested blind candidates were invited to apply for a scholarship. The curriculum allows student teachers to acquire practical skills to live and work in rural areas and be qualified as agent of change in larger rural communities. Student teachers have been trained in Braille with the help of specific equipment such as typewriters and books in Braille. The trainers help the blind student teachers to know the types of images or pictures they will have to explain to their pupils in their classroom during their practice.

Before immersion in the real world, student teachers during their training, practice their teaching in nearby schools. Indeed, the deployment on the ground is not always easy. ADPP – a Mozambican Organization, ensures a welcoming environment for the student teachers in schools. Mario, Julio, Raul and Victor who were part of the ADPP program are recognized as good teachers. They say that there are no differences between them and the teachers who can see.

Forty blind teachers have graduated the three year training. Now they are working as rural primary teachers. They are proud to be a teacher and able to contribute to their communities.
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