The Teachers Task Force is preparing for its 9th Policy Dialogue Forum

The Teachers Task Force is preparing for its 9th Policy Dialogue Forum

October 09 th, 2016.
Since the adoption of the SDGs and the Framework for Action of Education 2030 Agenda, the objective of the International Task Force on Teachers is to use the platform of its annual policy dialogue fora – its flagship programme – to unpack the meaning and implications of the teacher target and its importance to the other SDG4 targets and the overall SDGs to its members and partners. To this end, it has chosen to focus its 9th Policy Dialogue Forum on teacher motivation, one of the key concepts in the provisions on teachers in the Incheon Declaration cited above.

The theme of the forum is as follows: "Teacher Motivation: What do we know and what do we need to achieve the Education 2030 Agenda?" The aim is to take stock of what research says about teacher motivation, what governments do to attract and retain good teachers (for all levels and types of education), what teachers want/need to be motivated, and in turns motivate learners for effective learning outcomes.

Over 300 participants from all regions, including policymakers, practitioners, researchers and development partners will address the above through four sub-themes and through keynote speeches, panel presentations, and discussions in plenary and group sessions. The group discussions will be organized around the following four sub-themes with the use of existing research findings, available data and examples of good practice in different contexts:
  1. Motivation and Teacher Education
  2. Teacher Motivation and Teachers' Working Conditions
  3. Education Governance and Teacher Motivation
  4. Teachers and Learners Profiles and Teacher Motivation

More information about the 9th Policy Dialogue Forum is available here:
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