Our mission

Our mission

Mission 1

Who are we? 

The International Task Force on Teachers for EFA (TFAS) is the first dedicated international alliance of stakeholders, including national governments, intergovernmental organizations, NGOs,  CSOs, international development agencies and private sector organizations working together to address the teacher gap to meet Education For All (EFA) goals.

Our Vision 

Qualified and well-resourced teachers are available and supported in all countries to create and enrich the learning opportunities of every child, youth and adult with the overall goal of achieving equal, just and sustainable societies.

Our Mission 

The Task Force advocates for, and facilitates the coordination of international efforts to provide sufficient numbers of well qualified teachers to achieve EFA goals.
The Task Force participates in and supports teacher development initiatives of policy-making and monitoring, knowledge production and resourcing. 
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Main Lines of Action

To fulfill its mission the Task Force will articulate its programme in its second phase (2013 – 2016) around three Main Lines of Action (MLA).


MLA 1: Advocacy and Coordination with Global Initiatives

MLA2: Knowledge Creation and Sharing

MLA3: Country Support



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