Steering Committee

Steering Committee

Roles and Responsibilities of the Steering Committee   

The Steering Committee will be accountable to the Task Force and will have the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Provide strategic guidance to the Secretariat on the strategic objectives and related activities including reviewing annual work plan;
  • Take note of progress made in implementation;
  • Report to the Task Force on the above-mentioned activities;
  • Promote the work of the Task Force internationally by attending global conferences and meetings addressing teacher issues;
  • Review the work of the dedicated Secretariat, including the annual report and the annual

Members of the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is composed of representatives of the major constituencies of the Task Force. The elected Steering Committee members will serve for two years and membership is renewable. Amongst the members, the Task Force members elect two Co-Chairs of the Steering Committe: one representing the member countries and another representing the funding members, each for a period of two years. Current co-chairs are Namibia, representing the member countries, and Norway, representing the funding members. 

The designation process of the Steering committee is explained in the following table:

Constituencies represented
in the Steering Committee
Current members

Member Countries


Democratic Republic of Congo

Namibia *


Arab region




Asia and Pacific 


Republic of Korea


Latin America & the Caribbean




 Funding Members


European Commission


Norway *

Global Intergovernmental Organizations

Organisation Internationale
de la Francophonie (OIF)



Regional Intergovernmental Organizations

African Union Commission (AUC) 


International Non-Governmental Organizations

Education International
(EI) **

Global Campaign for Education                    

 Humana People to People (HPP)

Global Private Sector Organization or Foundation

Hamdan bin Rashid Al-Maktoum Award for Distinguished Academic Performance (HA)


Representative from the Director General of UNESCO



* co-chair
** permanent seat

The Steering Committee Meeting

The Secretariat of the Task Force organizes regular statutory meetings with Steering Committee members and Task Force members to discuss and approve work plan, progress report of activities, as well as to make important decisions about the direction and work of the Task Force. The Steering Committee met on the following dates from 2010 to 2014. To view the minutes of the meetings, click the icons below.

2014   15th December
Rabat, Morocco 
icon-10 11th May
Muscat, Oman
2013   26th November
Kinshasa, DRC
icon-10 5th July
2012   27th November
Windhoek, Namibia
icon-10 28th May
New Delhi, India

icon-10 6th February  
Paris, France
2011   15th September
Bali, Indonesia
icon-10 17th January
Nairobi, Kenya
2010   7th July
Amman, Jordan
icon-10 23rd February
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



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